Shri Naveen Patnaik

Hon'ble Chief Minister


Vision & Mission


  • To make public service free from corruption and ensure transparency and good governance;
  • To build up Odisha Vigilance as a premier anti-corruption agency of the country, maintaining its professional edge through continuous training and education;
  • To create an environment in which the society shuns corruption and honours honesty and integrity;
  • To effectively contribute to the process of growth and development of the State of Odisha.


  • To have a comprehensive anti-corruption strategy involving effective prevention, enforcement and prosecution mechanisms.
  • To continuously upgrade our professional knowledge and skills to ensure quality investigation.
  • To take proactive and innovative measures to curb corruption in a concerted effort, in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • To promote preventive vigilance by having a strong internal vigilance mechanism in place, in each Department of State Government and State run PSUs.
  • To leverage the use of information technology and social media in intensifying the anti-corruption efforts.
  • To prevent and detect leakage and pilferage of public funds in developmental and social welfare programmes.
  • To undertake public education and community awareness programmes, so as to make the public active partners in preventing and detecting corruption.
  • To ensure personal and organizational integrity.
  • To protect the honest and incentivize honesty.
  • To detect and prosecute the corrupt, disincentivize dishonesty and prevent the fence sitters from engaging in dishonesty.